Reading Lenin by Vijay Prashad

In March this year, after winning the Tripura assembly elections, BJP cadres demolished the statue of Vladimir llyich Lenin in the Belonia town in south Tripura. Lenin was not only a supporter of worker-peasant movements but also a supporter of anti-colonial struggles. ‘Liberation of all colonies’ and ‘liberation of all dependent, oppressed and unequal nations’ was at [… click here for more]

The Fight Against Sexual Harassment: A Call for the Long Road rather than the Short Cut

By Aparna Mahiyaria and Sahil Kureshi  We want to start with extending our deepest solidarities to the survivors of sexual harassment that runs rampant in the academy and beyond. We acknowledge that sexual harassment, in all its forms, is far too widespread. That senior and serial offenders have operated with impunity and survivors have been [… click here for more]

Red Sun in a Blue Sky

Subhashini Ali delivered this speech at EMS Smrithi, Thrissur in June 2017:   25 years of neo-liberalism have seen the greatest concentrations of wealth and exponentially growing disparity.  They have also seen not only growing unemployment but lowering of standards of living of the middle class and working class people.  This is the natural result of [… click here for more]