‘Our Renaissance leaders taught us that some customs are meant to be broken’

The RSS feed on fear. Fighting them requires depriving them of it. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerela, was born in Kannur, ground zero of RSS terror. He has seen the worst that they have to offer. At LeftWord Books, we published a collection of Pinarayi Vijayan’s speeches, ‘India vs. RSS‘. Kerala has been a [… click here for more]

Facts of a ‘dirty war’: An excerpt from ‘The Dirty War in Kashmir’

This is an excerpt from our new Shujaat Bukhari book  The Dirty War in Kashmir: Frontline Reports. Shujaat Bukhari was one of the most vital, balanced and well-informed voices in Kashmir. Perhaps for this reason, the 50-year-old journalist was shot dead by motorcycle-borne gunmen in Srinagar on the evening of June 14, 2018, as he was leaving [… click here for more]

आम-सी दिखने वाली ख़ास चीज़ों का म्यूजियम

शादीपुर मेट्रो स्टेशन के गेट नंबर 5 से निकल कर आप अगर आसपास के इलाके पर नज़र डालें तो आप इस निष्कर्ष पर कभी नहीं पहुंचेंगे कि मेट्रो स्टेशन से 5 मिनट की दूरी पर रणजीत नगर में एक बुकस्टोर होगा. ऐसी ढ़ेरों कल्पनाएं मुख्यधारा द्वारा परिभाषित की गयी समाज की रूपरेखा के इर्द-गिर्द बुनी [… click here for more]

Manto in our Times- An Interview with Nandita Das

By Amit Sheokand Saadat Hasan Manto died on 18th January, 1955 in Lahore. Sixty five years after his death, Manto remains relevant to our times. His legacy shines on with his 22 collections of short stories and multiple collections of essays, personal sketches and plays. In the last few years, there has been a significant [… click here for more]

Letter from the Editors- September, 2018

Dear LeftWord Books community, In 1943, in the midst of the terrible battles of the Second World War, the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre took a massive book – 700 pages – to the publisher Gallimard and asked them to publish it. The book – Being and Nothingness – was a dense philosophical inquiry into human existence. It [… click here for more]

Reading Lenin by Vijay Prashad

In March this year, after winning the Tripura assembly elections, BJP cadres demolished the statue of Vladimir llyich Lenin in the Belonia town in south Tripura. Lenin was not only a supporter of worker-peasant movements but also a supporter of anti-colonial struggles. ‘Liberation of all colonies’ and ‘liberation of all dependent, oppressed and unequal nations’ was at [… click here for more]

Activist Arrests in India Are Part of a Dangerous Global Trend to Stifle Dissent

By Vijay Prashad On Tuesday morning, the police from the Indian city of Pune (in the state of Maharashtra) raided the homes of lawyers and social activists across India and arrested five of them. Many of them are not household names around the world, since they are people who work silently on behalf of the [… click here for more]

LeftWord Recommends: Books on Russian Revolution

It’s been hundred years of the Russian Revolution. In all these years, countless books have been written on the revolution, its aftermath and its impact on numerous first world and the third world societies. This reading list is an exploration of the events that changed the course of history and their effects on the world. [… click here for more]

LeftWord Books in 2018

2018 was an eventful year for us at LeftWord Books. We published 10 new books this year. This blog is a brief review of our books this year and also includes the reviews that our books received, their excerpts from various publications, interviews of our authors and events around our books. *********************************** The End of [… click here for more]

Ahed Tamimi, The Freedom Theatre and 13 years of BDS Movement

“I’m not the victim of the occupation. The Jew or the settler child who carries a rifle at the age of 15, they are the victims of the occupation. For me, I am capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. But not him. His view is clouded. His heart is filled with hatred and scorn [… click here for more]